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About us

We are a consultancy and training company, founded in 2012, with a presence on the national and international market, which aims to respond to the growing demands and constant challenges of today’s markets, always seeking to VALUE, CERTIFY, QUALIFY and ELEVATE people and organisations.

What We Do

  • Consultancy for DGERT Certification, ISO Standards, among other services
  • Human Resources Consultancy
  • Recruitment and Selection, Performance Assessment, Motivation, Communication, Career Management
  • Financed, Unfinanced and Customised Professional Training
  • On-site, E-learning and B-learning vocational training

Our Mission, Vision and Values


    SABER OPORTUNO aims to establish itself on the national and international market as the benchmark for Excellence and Innovation in the provision of consultancy and training services.



    Excellence and Innovation: Values We Share



    We believe that only with Humility, Honesty, Responsibility, Rigour, Creativity and high Productivity and Dedication can we achieve EXCELLENCE and INNOVATION.

Our Management Policy

PLANNING our clients’ needs and expectations, presenting solutions that enable them to effectively and sustainably achieve their objectives and realise their strategy;

PREVENT and mitigate the risks inherent in our activity and organisation by implementing risk management methodologies, not only with our employees, but also with our clients, partners and suppliers;

TO DEVELOP services of excellence at the best price and on time, promoting the best productivity, sustainability, quality, safety, health, environmental and social responsibility practices among all those involved, as the main differentiating factors;

CONTROL compliance with applicable legal, regulatory and normative requirements, objectives and defined targets, in order to ensure the provision of excellent services, with clean, safe, ecological and healthy workplaces, and to continually identify opportunities for innovation and improvement;

ACT with determination in the search for ever simpler, safer, greener and more effective solutions, always geared towards increasing the value of our clients and our organisation;

INNOVATE by stimulating creativity in the search for new working methodologies, new service models and management systems that allow us to establish ourselves in the market as the benchmark for the Simplicity, Efficiency, Excellence and Innovation of our services.